Just for Fun


Just for Fun is a four-week creative writing boot camp for people who wish to explore creative writing in a relaxed yet dynamic group environment. This boot camp is suitable for English native speakers and people with a good grasp on English.


By the end of the boot camp, you will have created a portfolio of creative writing that may flourish into an extended writing project or simply be enjoyed as the fruits of your creative endeavours.

The four week program includes:

  • a boot camp kick-off session in Vienna with your coach (Paul Malone) and other participants (your writing buddies!)
  •  a program to help you develop a regular creative writing practice
  • weekly coaching emails and a rotating writing buddy system
  • a boot camp closing session (debriefing) where participants will be invited to share their writing and experiences.

Next boot camp:        

Commencing in 2nd half of 2017. Details available in July.

Max. participants:  10

Fee:  € 175         (15% discount for full time students)


If you are new to creative writing and have a good grasp on English or are an English native speaker, this boot camp is for you. You will be expected to commit to the boot camp schedule (provided upon registration) and be prepared to share extracts of your writing in a fun and supportive group environment.

Along with the two group sessions (kick-off and debriefing), you will need to set aside at least 4 hours a week for independent writing and providing writing feedback to your writing buddies.


If you would like to register for the boot camp, please send an email to coach@creativewritingonthego.com. Please use the following subject: Just for Fun Registration.

A registration form along with payment details will be sent to you.

Recommended reading:

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