Here is what a few participants said about the 2016 –  2018 creative writing and short story workshops:

“Thanks to Paul I could understand how easy it can be to create.  Just a word or a quick exchange of views and ideas can trigger an enormous great deal of creativity, confirming the fact that we just have to listen to ourselves to see all the possibilities that reside within us. The course shows you exactly this! No prepared solutions, only open paths.”

Alessia Battaglia


“Overall the workshop left a very positive feeling towards any writing that I may do in the future.  For me it achieved its goal by providing a good framework and good timeline for producing written work.  Paul also leads by gentle encouragement and direction which is crucial to a feeling of confidence in what has been written.”

Paul Hoffman


“I had the opportunity to join Paul’s short story program during my work assignment in Vienna. Paul is a great coach, offering both knowledge about structure and space for creativity. During the six weeks of activities with the group, I learned essential techniques for writing short stories. Having the support, guidance and feedback from Paul and the group I was able to enable my creativity in ways I didn’t do before. At the end of the program Paul provided recommendations for the next steps, which for me was a perfect action plan.”

Liuba Rusnac


“Before joining Paul’s creative writing course, I wasn’t certain that I had it in me to conjure interesting ideas and put them into words. I had come to Vienna to write but I had never really written any creative stories. Thanks to Paul’s well-chosen tips and tricks, his motivating methods, and his talent for making everyone feel creative and safe, I now know that writing is something for me. During the six weeks I found the spark and the courage to write heaps of stories I can continue to work on and share with others.”

Corbin Entz


“When it comes to creative writing, Paul’s professionalism, passion for writing and coaching methods have opened a whole new writing world for me. While I can recommend any of his classes, I particularly enjoyed the short story workshop as a platform to dig deeper. Through giving and receiving feedback and the editing process a story idea can turn into something special. It was a very exciting experience!” 

Sandra Völker


“An excellent, highly motivating and well-organized workshop. I can only recommend it to anyone who would like to advance their writing and gain fresh inspiration despite the rigours of busy life.”

Astrid Nolte


“I have been writing on and off for years but this was the first time I have created, edited and presented a story to the world. Getting feedback from Paul and other participants was crucial for me to finish the story to my satisfaction. The boot camp was a wonderful experience (this is not an exaggeration).”

Rod Pritchard-Smith


“As a musician, being part of Paul’s workshop was the best way I found to bring out my creativity in writing! By brainstorming with others I got so many funny ideas that you cannot imagine!! I loved it”!!!

Liz Pereira – Musician, Manager & Coach


“Paul’s writing course is an intense roller-coaster ride exploring the bounds of personal discipline. I would recommend it to anyone serious about cleaning up their act,both in writing and in thought. Creative writing is a wonderful writing course that has helped me immensely!
Paul is a caring and fantastic teacher.” 

Saghar Niknam


” I enjoyed the workshop a lot because of the diversity of approaches to writing in a relaxed atmosphere. The programme was well designed and presented with enthusiasm and passion for writing.  It was  simply contagious and great fun”

Helene Schuster


“These workshops were just the creative refreshment I needed after a hectic work week. Each session was relaxed but well-organized, with a great mix of writing prompts, friendly people, and creative possibilities. I’m automatically signing up for whatever workshops Paul runs in the future — no matter what they are — because that’s how good he is. You won’t regret doing the same.”  

Irena Ashcraft


“Excellent guidelines to write while on the go! Through the boot camp I gained new insights on how to structure and plan writing into my busy schedule.” 

Daniel Cuartas


“If you have the urge to write but keep putting it to one side, this is an excellent opportunity. Not only will it kickstart you into action, but you will also take away useful advice and techniques for future writing projects.”  

Caroline Stevenson


“Paul is leading everyone gently, but firmly, in the direction of improving their abilities. He is providing a clear framework, advice, encouragement, and – best of all – challenging deadlines.” 

Tanja Fabsits