What’s it like to participate in a creative writing boot camp? Here is what a few people said about the January 2017 short story boot camp:

“An excellent, highly motivating and well-organized workshop. I can only recommend it to anyone who would like to advance their writing and gain fresh inspiration despite the rigours of busy life.” Astrid Nolte


“I have been writing on and off for years but this was the first time I have created, edited and presented a story to the world. Getting feedback from Paul and other participants was crucial for me to finish the story to my satisfaction. The boot camp was a wonderful experience (this is not an exaggeration).” Rod Pritchard-Smith


And here is what people said about the formative short story boot camp run in April 2016:

“Excellent guidelines to write while on the go! Through the boot camp I gained new insights on how to structure and plan writing into my busy schedule.” Daniel Cuartas


“If you have the urge to write but keep putting it to one side, this is an excellent opportunity. Not only will it kickstart you into action, but you will also take away useful advice and techniques for future writing projects.”  Caroline Stevenson


“Paul is leading everyone gently, but firmly, in the direction of improving their abilities. He is providing a clear framework, advice, encouragement, and – best of all – challenging deadlines.” Tanja Fabsits