Your personal Christmas story



“We didn’t take a photo of you!” I was told at the end of this weekend. “All that writing and not a single photo!”

“That’s perfect,” I said. “I didn’t want a photo. I didn’t want to stand in the way of the writing. That would have just spoiled everything.”

My answer caused some confusion. By way of explanation:

This weekend I wrote personal Christmas stories for anyone who wanted one at the Purkersdorf Christmas market. Visitors gave me their name, a word or two they felt important for the story, and the rest was left to me…or so they assumed. The fact is, the stories wrote themselves so long as I held the pen steady and set it tracking unimpeded across the page. There was no “thinking” about writing. There was just the writing itself.

What was written? I don’t recall precisely! There was a triathlete sheep lost in the snow, a snowman who came to life and fell in love, a unicorn who appeared in a glittery burst on an ice skating rink. You might say the Christmas stories weren’t exactly traditional. Still, each story was spontaneous, original, and written especially for each visitor at the little pop-up gallery at the Christmas market.

People were incredibly generous with their donations (for charitable causes). I hope they all enjoyed reading their personal Christmas stories as much as I did watching their stories unfold on the page from the tip of my pen.

Thank you to Eva and Paul who own the pop-up gallery and who so generously allowed me to write in it.

Here is a link to their gallery:

The Pop-Up Gallery

Thank you also to my author heroine, Natalie Goldberg who wrote Writing Down the Bones. Her book inspired the personal Christmas stories.

I don’t expect to write another entry before Christmas, so for those who read this, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.