About me


Paul Malone–your creative writing boot camp coach!

I am an Australian writer living for the last decade in Vienna, Austria. I have over two dozen short story publications, some in Australia’s leading children’s literary publication—The School Magazine. Occasionally I write non-fiction. My most recent article (On Mountain Time) was published (March 2017) in Metropole Magazine. One of my more recent short stories, Night of the Sand People, was accepted  in June 2017 by The School Magazine for publication. Many more short stories are in the pipeline; I am collaborating with an Australian illustrator (Dustin Spence) on an illustrated children’s book series; like many writers, my regular creative writing practice comes to fruition in a myriad of forms. As a creative writing coach I  enjoy being around other writers who simply write for the love of it!

Why Creative Writing on the Go?

Creative Writing on the Go was born out of necessity: When I started writing in earnest in my mid 30s, I already had a career, a family, and of course, little time for writing. The more I wrote and became published the greater my desire to take things to the next level. To do so, I realised I had to overcome all sorts of obstacles and preconceptions about writing. I developed effective ways of using time and place to tap into my creative energy and write myself right out of the proverbial box!

Such is the spirit of Creative Writing on the Go—to overcome every writing challenge and perceived obstacle using one’s creative energy, a good deal of mindfulness, and sheer determination!

By joining me for a writing boot camp—whether you’re young or old, new to writing or experienced—you will take your writing to the next level!


I am a member of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)