September is when it all begins


Where will your writing journey lead you this year?

September is when it all begins–as much for the kids returning to school as the active writers dedicated to improving their craft and broadening their horizons. If you happen to live in Vienna and you’re keen to make your new writing year as colourful as autumn in the Vienna woods, here are a few ways of making that happen:

Attend an Open Mic night at Café Korb (third Thursday of every month from 7.00pm). Take to the stage and read out your latest poem or short story, or simply sit back and enjoy the live entertainment. Next open mic here.

Join a creative writing session at The Sunday Writers Club. Run by Keith Gray and myself, the sessions run most Sunday mornings at various café’s in Vienna. All the info here.

Join Vienna Writers for Young Readers: Once a month we meet to discuss the latest books were reading for young readers, and to share some of our own writing. Come along here.

Attend a writing workshop in Vienna. I’ll be running my next short story workshop in November. You might also like to check out the novel writing workshop run by Keith Gray this October. Find out about Keith’s workshop here.

Go for a walk with your notebook and pen…and capture all the inspiration autumn has to offer.

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