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Austria in 2050?

In the midst of a European heatwave, with temperatures in Vienna hovering around 35 degrees Celsius, parts of Spain tipped to hit 48 degrees Celsius on the weekend, I thought I would not only post an update about creative writing workshops, but also touch on what surely should be on all our minds: the state of our environment.

With soaring atmospheric C02 levels , extreme weather now the norm, sea levels rising, coral reefs being bleached to death, governments still in denial!—our world, or at least a world that can sustain us—is rapidly dying. And we’re all to blame!

Will we wake up before it is too late? Is it already too late? Many have already paid the ultimate price—their lives cut short through drought, famine, the perils of taking flight and seeking refuge.

Such important questions demand an answer…and preferably a positive one: Yes, humanity will rise to the challenge and come up with ingenious solutions along with a quantum shift in global consciousness.

Creative writers have a huge role to play in all this. Using their imaginations and desire for knowledge, they can:

  • explore ideas and speculate—what might the future hold?
  • creative human narratives to engage readers
  • challenge readers to think critically about the world they live in
  • inspire and encourage readers to act and bring about change

I am sure there are many more ways by which a creative writer can play a pivotal role in changing our world for the better.

A few key words you might like to explore in your creative writing:

  • Climate Change
  • Plastic Oceans
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Carbon Engineering

I invite you also to explore this Creative Writing on the Go website. As of August 2018 there are new creative writing sessions and workshops in Vienna. You’ll also find a link to an exciting new collaborative project: Sunday Writers’ Club. I hope to see you at one of these soon.

Until then, stay cool!

Paul Malone

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