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On Saturday April 1st I ran the very first Creative Café creative writing session in Vienna (Austria). With ten participants from various countries (it really was a multicultural event!) the creative writing session was vibrant, inspiring, and plenty of fun.

We kicked off writing extended metaphors, answering the question: What kind of animal are you? We had bats and cats, dogs and eagles who morphed into penguins. Some wrote rhyming poems; others, prose reeled out in a dizzying (and exhilarating) stream of consciousness. Later we played with words and came up with wonderfully unique imagery. We explored absurd titles chosen through a lottery of words. And we explored our trove of unique objects (everyone bought along a couple). Curiously, a simple lace doily caught a few participants’ attention, and at least one complete flash fiction piece based upon the doily was written in the space of ten minutes.

After a well-deserved break where people seemed to click like old friends, we launched into a team story, using another lottery of words. We drew “Waffle Dust”, and so the story was pinned down: Ether is in a televised waffle making competition. She’s attracted to Gregory, the official taster. Everyone launched into their own version of the story. We all had a good laugh reading them out!

We closed with some reflective writing, stepping way back in time, discovering memories imbued with strong feeling. Here too there was remarkable synergy: three participants wrote about being on the swing. Happy times! Everyone went away with inspiration and plenty of writing material to draw upon. I am curious to discover what might develop.

The next creative writing session is coming up in May. I look forward to seeing a few familiar faces and a few new ones too.

If you happen to be in Vienna at the time: Creative Cafe

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