Writing on the bus



Writing on the bus can be bumpy affair. Especially in the city swerving in and out of stops, the big bus wheels bouncing over every pot hole or dished drain. There’s barely leg room to set a notebook upon one crossed knee. The sun glares through the window, and by the aisle people brush past. Writing on the bus is a challenge. But if you commute by bus every day, it provides a unique writing opportunity. Consider the math:

1 bus trip every working day for 20 minutes = 100 minutes or 1 hour and 40 minutes

 If a person writes both in the morning and the afternoon, they’ve written for over 3 hours!

If they are extremely diligent (not advocating, mind you) they will amass over 157 writing hours over the working year! That amounts to around 4 weeks of full-time work. They can cover some serious mileage on the page in that time.

As a corollary: driving to work doesn’t allow any writing time.

My advice: Even if you own a Lamborghini, leave the car at home and get writing on the bus.