Writing Buddies—part of the merry tribe


Writing needn’t be a lonely journey

Natalie Goldberg, in her book, “Writing Down the Bones” talks about writing as a communal act. “Writing is not just writing. It’s also having a relationship with other writers.” Even if you’ve only been writing for a short while you might already glean the benefits of having other writers around for mutual support. Writing needn’t be a journey of suffering and solitude. It can be enormously fun, interactive—tribal even!

When you join a writing boot camp you become one of the merry tribe. How does such a tribe survive?  You and your writing buddies look out for one another– offering constructive writing feedback, allowing each writer to go deeper into their writing and make insightful discoveries. Wonderful words are your tribe’s forest fruits. And as for the writing coach—well, you might consider him the guy on the drums—keeping the magical dance alive.

If you’ve never worked with other writers, if you don’t know if you can, if  you’re ready, if you’re good enough, too good even (oh boy!), then I have a question for you:

How badly do you want to be a better writer?

Ask any successful writer—they didn’t go the distance alone. No successful person ever did.

Naturally, aside from banging on those forest drums, your friendly coach will also provide you with some straightforward guidelines to help you give and receive constructive writing feedback.


The boot camps